IT and Cybersecurity: Introducing MT Safeguard for Midwives and Birth Centers

Welcome to MT Safeguard! On our blog, we’ll be sharing some of our best IT & Cybersecurity tips for Midwives and Birth Centers. First, we’ve got to celebrate because we’ve officially begun. MT Safeguard is the new division of Marketing TEA who have been providing exceptional marketing services for midwives and birth centers for 7 years now. As Marketing TEA has grown, they needed a place to help clients with essential IT and Cybersecurity services. That’s precisely why we now exist: to bring the very best in healthcare IT to Marketing TEA’s industry of midwifery practices and birth centers.

To read the full story of our beginning, check out the blog post from Marketing TEA with our official release here.

We’ll be using our blog and social media (powered by Marketing TEA of course) to share top notch information for midwives and birth centers to improve their security and their operations, to help ensure that your healthcare practice is up to date and able to provide exceptional care.

We launched our promotions at the recent American Association of Birth Centers Birth Institute 2023 in Tucson, AZ. Having the chance to talk and meet birth center owners and administrators all over the country was our pleasure. We learned so much and made great connections with everyone there, and one thing became clear to us: the midwifery industry needs better IT and cybersecurity resources. And that’s why we’re here.

We encourage you to stay tuned and get connected with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube as we begin this journey to bring you the information you need for your midwifery practice or birth center. It’s time for a revolution in IT and Cybersecurity for midwives, and that’s what we’re going to do together.

Looking forward to it…

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