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Midwifery Cybersecurity in 2024 MT Safeguard

Midwifery Cybersecurity in 2024

Midwifery Cybersecurity in 2024 Happy New Year! We’re full of hope for the year ahead, and it’s all because our message is finally starting to reach the midwives, practice administrators, and birth center owners who need to hear that IT and Cybersecurity are crucial elements of their business approach. As

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Password Management for Midwifery Practices

Password Management for Midwifery Practices

Password Management for Midwifery Practices When it comes to passwords, let’s face it, we could all be a little more secure. Well, we’re actually pretty secure over here, it’s our job after all, but it sounds rude to say YOU should be more secure with your passwords… But you should!

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Birth Center IT Problems Slow Internet MT Safeguard

Birth Center IT Problems: Slow Internet?

Birth Center IT Problems: Slow Internet? Slow internet speeds can be a problem for medical practices of any size, including freestanding birth centers. A bad internet connection throughout your office means your processes are stalled, your entire day is slowed down, your midwives are hindered, and you may even have

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IT for Midwifery Practices MT Safeguard

IT for Midwifery Practices

IT for Midwifery Practices After our excellent launch at the AABC Birth Institute Conference, we filled a giant page of notes with questions that we heard from midwives and birth center administrators from all over the country. The questions ranged in nature, but at the core of all of them

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