IT for Midwifery Practices

After our excellent launch at the AABC Birth Institute Conference, we filled a giant page of notes with questions that we heard from midwives and birth center administrators from all over the country. The questions ranged in nature, but at the core of all of them was the same topic. People wanted to know why IT for midwifery practices like theirs was essential. 

Believe it or not, it’s challenging to begin the process of writing blogs for our brand new division of MT Safeguard. There are SO many topics we want to get to, so many things we want to share with those in the midwifery community. So today, we’ll take a deep breath and endeavor to just start sharing. Just promise that you’ll stay tuned for more, OK?

At its core, we believe that IT for midwifery practices is all about keeping you going. It’s a piece of the engine that simply needs to be running in order for you to provide the great care that you provide. Unlike our somewhat sexier partner of Marketing TEA who deals in the exciting world of growth, MT Safeguard is in the business of security, safety, sustainability, keeping the tires on the road and driving forward. 

Our IT services are going to cover the essentials of protecting your midwifery practice or birth center’s protected health information, keeping your systems like your phones and internet up and running, making sure that you have backups, that your EMR systems are in tune with your hardware and software, etc. We make sure that each and every day, you’re able to provide exceptional healthcare without wondering if your technology is going to work with you or fight you. 

Every moment that you spend frustrated with a computer that is acting up, every time your internet connection slows your appointments down, and every time you wonder if your data is protected and backed up, we want you to know that you can look to us. We want to be where the buck stops when something goes wrong with your tech. And we want to help you fix it so that you can get back to doing what you do best. 

Providing IT for midwifery practices in particular combines our best services in essential IT support with a unique understanding of your particular needs, your EMR systems, and your business structure. Your account is managed by experts in midwifery and birth center industry operations while the in-depth IT work is managed by the best in the tech business. 

Stay tuned and follow along with us as we dive into the specifics of what your practice needs. And when you’re ready to take your tech support to a whole new level, let’s talk.

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