Midwifery Cybersecurity in 2024

Happy New Year! We’re full of hope for the year ahead, and it’s all because our message is finally starting to reach the midwives, practice administrators, and birth center owners who need to hear that IT and Cybersecurity are crucial elements of their business approach. As technology advances at a rapid pace, the new year gives us all the chance to evaluate and look ahead. So let’s talk about some top items to consider when it comes to midwifery cybersecurity in 2024.

  1. Cover Your IT Bases

If you don’t have a dedicated team or system to handle your IT needs, 2024 is the year to make it happen! You need to get all of your IT systems in one place, easily accessible, safe and secure, and flexible enough to change with the times. You need consistent monitoring, even on systems that you wouldn’t correlate with your cybersecurity! Before you encounter advanced security efforts, the first step you need to take toward your safety is to get all your IT bases covered.

  1. Audit Your Cybersecurity Protocols

When we’re approached by a midwifery practice or birth center looking to take their cybersecurity seriously, the first thing that we do is an audit to look at everything that is currently in place to protect them. Unfortunately, there typically aren’t a lot of protocols in place. But that’s what we’re here to help with! You need to understand your weak spots to build a strong plan for your security – whether you’re protecting your patients’ health information, your own team and systems, or your financial accounts, you need to audit first and build a plan second.

  1. Make Your Cybersecurity Plan

THIS is what we want most for midwifery cybersecurity in 2024: For every midwifery practice and birth center to have a plan when it comes to their own security. Have you got firewalls in place? Strong password management? Protection for your domains and other brand assets? Monitoring for attacks on your patient health information EMR systems? A cybersecurity plan has contingencies and an outline for everything you need to protect your practice for the future.

In 2024, we want to see all midwifery practices look forward to the future instead of hiding from it! Make technology work for you – get the protection you need to run your practice well and serve your clients for years to come. Happy New Year from MT Safeguard!

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